How do we choose our products?

A team of experienced mothers, together with development consultants - curate products from the best global brands.

We choose the products that will surprise, delight, and be relevant to every developmental stage.

What kind of products are in the box?

The products vary to suit a variety of areas: high-quality development toys, designed items, stunning cutlery, bathroom accessories, everything you need when you leave the house, selected textiles, books and more.

Each box will have one product specially selected for you.

For whom do we create the box?

Our boxes are suitable for newborns up to 18 months old babies.

The first year for a mother and her baby is a roller coaster of excitement and concern.

We know you want the best for your baby. you want to give him or her everything they need - always ensuring top quality products. We are here for you.

Our box is the perfect gift for you or for a best friend in the first year of motherhood. It is especially popular as a baby shower gift!

Will the box align with my baby’s developmental stage?

We make every effort to adapt the products to match the baby's changing age and development stage. However, each baby will have his/her own developmental pace. We are excited to accompany you both on your special journey, and to share in your experience.

I received the mom.me.style box as a gift, and I would like to continue to receive it. What should I do?

Contact us at info@mommestyle.com and we will send the next box right on time.


Does every box contain a product for mommy?

Yes, in every box we pack one special product for mommy. The mommy product changes every time. The mommy product cannot be replaced and converted into another baby product.

According to our replacement policy, there is no replacement of individual products, but only for a box in its entirety when all products are closed.

Can I send the the box as a gift?

Sure! Our box is a wonderful gift for the first year of motherhood, whether as a baby-shower gift or for few-month-old babies. You can purchase a single box or you can purchase two boxes – the second box will be delivered just on time for baby’s next developmental stage. And you can purchase a subscription box – we will send a perfect box every 3 months, just before the baby begins the next developmental stage. 

Can I add products to my box?

Yes, you can definitely add more products. You can choose them from our catalog and add them to your cart, and as always you can contact us with any further questions - info@mommestyle.com 

Can I choose what my box contains?

Each box is carefully curated, by a team of experts and tailored to the baby’s age and developmental stage. You can add products to the existing box but you are not able to change what each box contains.

Can you explain how to purchase more than one box?

Of course, one box is never enough, you can plan ahead and choose the boxes you would like to get or give, it doesn’t have to be in a consecutive order (for example you can order the new born box and the 12 months box together), you don’t have to deal with ordering a new box every month\couple months, just let us know which box you chose and we will take care of everything, while you will get a better price for two boxes.


Is it possible to replace the box?

yes, replacement can be done for a box in its entirety when all the products are closed and not used for any age the mother chooses until the age of 12 months.

The recipient of the gift will be asked to send his requests for the exchange to our customer service email and will take care of it.

Can I replace a single product?

It is not possible to return or replace a single product, only a box in its entirety when all products are unopened. If a single product in the box arrived defective, we will make sure to replace it.